Hi Everybody,

I am so glad that you are reading my blog…Gotta tell you that this is my very first Travel Blog!!!! and I am super excited that you are my first thanks a bunch for that…

I have always felt during my travels, that I could write a book about my travel experiences…… kidding me..I have started with a blog and I hope it lasts 🙂

Frankly speaking..I have so much to tell..oops..I mean so much to write about…that I don’t know where do I begin from…So let me just start by sharing my own travel experiences…solo travel, travel with friends..the people I met along the way..and the friends that I made..and lots more…

Stay tuned for my next post..which will have the most amazing story you have ever heard of!!!

Till then…lots of luv and keep travelling..

Your travel mate.

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  1. Great going Maria…All the best..N keep writing..

    1. Thanks a lot Shilpa, take care.

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