How travel has made my life blissful! (Part II – by Lobke & Inge)

Hi Friends!

In continuation with my blog series on: “How travel has made me/my life blissful!” which features articles from my fellow blogger friends from around the world, it gives me immense pleasure to present to you the amazing Lobke and Inge, who run the travel  blog called: Only Once Today. They have an urge to explore new land and discover the gems of the world.

Let us find out how Travel has made Lobke and Inge’s life blissful!

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts! We’re Lobke and Inge and we run a travel blog called Only Once Today . We may do something adventurous only once today, once more tomorrow! It’s so wonderful when each day is a little different from the previous and remarkable things happen. That is exactly what travel does to us! On our website you can find a lot of information about the destinations we already visited. We hope to add a lot of new stuff soon! Since we’re a lesbian couple, we also have information about LGBT travel.

Who we are …

Our current travel style is budget travel and backpacking. This doesn’t mean we won’t try anything else, of course. Backpacking is a very rewarding way of travel that submerges you into a local lifestyle completely. When you carry all of your possessions on your back, it takes away a lot of stress. You can stop worrying about things that are out of your reach. Eventually you’ll discover that this minimal lifestyle is all you need and life becomes a lot simpler. So we really enjoy backpacking and learned so much while doing it. We’ve had the best memories and adventures with the least amount of possessions and money. It’s truly an eye opener! This doesn’t mean we never consider or make plans for other travel styles. We dream about achievable and less achievable options, like traveling with a camper, cycling to Asia, the Trans Siberian Railroad, … We strive to make as many dreams come true as we can!

Talk about our Travel Bliss

Talking about how happy travel has made us, is really a conversation we like to have. We also noticed that not everybody is eager to talk about that. Knowing that not everyone sees travel the same way we do, we’ve had hard times explaining why we want to travel indefinitely. Most of our friends go on 2 week holidays and work for the rest of the year. We tried it, but we just couldn’t. Not traveling feels as if you’re wasting away each day. Every day at work is a day less traveled, less lived. We need to travel, because it makes us happy. We’re not talking about vacation, we’re talking about travel: real life experiences and visiting hidden gems.

Find your bliss too

Travel has blessed us with a lot of unforgettable adventures that will stay in our dreams forever. We feel that budget travel is a great way to get to know local cultures and meet people in a different way. Visiting a destination in an air conditioned mini van, packed with tourists isn’t really the adventure we’re looking for. We’d rather use local transportation and feel the real vibe of a location. It might take a little longer in rural areas or have some disadvantages, but these are the things we remember. These experiences give you a feeling of total immersion and they make you a little more wise and patient.

Why we need travel

We’re constantly trying to learn and grow. That is what travel does for us. It’s helping us to get to know ourselves in a different way or in an emergency situation. We even learned to follow our instincts and trust them too. Since we admitted to ourselves how spoiled we were, we stopped arguing about things that don’t matter and started to see events in a better perspective. That’s exactly why travel makes you rich, even if you don’t own anything at all. Gaining new experiences is very addictive. We just want to keep traveling forever, so we can have these experiences every day.  We found that true luxury was time instead of money and concluded that the life of travel was very luxurious, even if we didn’t have a penny to spare.

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