Travel is Fatal to Prejudice

Hi Friends!

I am once again super excited and experiencing a feeling of bliss! I always seem to experience this positive vibe and lovely feeling of accomplishment, whenever I am able to go one tiny step further in my attempts at travel blogging 🙂 I am still a novice at it. The reason for my excitement is that one of my travel blogger friends – Nate, who is currently on a year backpacking trip across the globe, had invited some views/travel stories to share on his amazing website:    on Mark Twain’s famous quote that ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice’ and one of the travel bloggers who dared to share her views on the same is – yours truly – Maria 🙂’s really me.

Checkout this very thought provoking article on:   and please feel free to share and comment on Nate’s post on his website.

Till then, keep traveling and keep sharing the stories here!

Your TravelMate

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