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All of us who travel, have a tendency to keep looking for the best travel deals available. There are  two main reasons, why travel may seem to be a bit daunting for most of us – airline tickets and hotel bookings.  We keep looking for getting the best, cheapest deals on both airlines and hotels, as both these bookings form the major chuck of our travel expenditure.

So where are you planning to travel this Easter season? We have some great deals to offer you on your hotel bookings in the following countries as well as other countries or local travel within India:

Russia: picture courtesy:

Best Easter Deals in St.Petersburg

It is an ideal time to visit St. Petersburg  during Easter.  Visiting St Petersburg towards the end of March and beginning of April  can be very rewarding. Spring is  in the air, and the last of the ice and snow has disappeared by the end of the month. Easter is celebrated more enthusiastically here than in the West. Kulich, a type of fruit cake, and pashka, a cheese cake, are eaten everywhere – both decorated with the initials “XB”, which stands for “Christ is risen”. Families gather together to eat elaborate meals, preparations for which last for days in advance. Why wait, get the best hotel deals on by clicking on the   Best Easter Deals in Saint Petersburg

Rome: picture courtesy : Jyoti Nayak

Best Easter Deals in Rome

If you are planning to spend Easter in Rome, then there are lots of events that you can attend starting from Good Friday. There are lots of chances to celebrate your faith—or to simply be able to say you saw the Pope in Rome—this weekend! Do you want to know the schedule for Vatican/church events during Easter in Rome? Click on this link: Easter events schedule in Rome

London: picture couresy: Yogita Mestry

Best Easter Deals in London

Plan your Easter weekend in London.  Book your hotels through and get the best deals ever! Checkout Visit LondonThis link with help you plan your trip to London and everything you need to know to go on an Easter egg hunt in a top London garden, visit London’s best chocolate shops, attend an Easter Sunday London church service, take part in family activities to keep the kids entertained during the Easter school holidays, and find many more things to do in London on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Krakow: picture courtesy: Nomadic Matt – KRAKOW TRAVEL GUIDE

Best Easter Deals in Krakow

As a deeply Catholic country, Poland takes its Easter (Wielkanoc) celebrations very seriously. In fact, this is arguably the most important holiday of the year for devout Poles, but also an important time to spend with family for all Poles, regardless of their religious views.

Poland’s Easter festivities officially kick off with Palm Sunday (March 25) – so named for the palm branches laid on the ground before Jesus on his entrance into Jerusalem. As the Polish climate isn’t particularly conducive to palm trees, Catholic Poles invented their own ‘palms’ – essentially elaborately handwoven wands made from a variety of dried flowers and plants. Rather than trample them however, Poles take their palms to church on Palm Sunday, in order to have them blessed before they decorate the home for the season. Hurry, don’t delay and book your hotel now on to get the best deals in Krakow. Check out this link to know all you need to do in Krakow: A Polish Easter


Best Easter Deals in Budapest

The Hungarian capital offers plenty of attractions and activities for a wonderful Easter weekend.  For more information on what are the sights and scenes you need to checkout in Budapest, checkout this link:  Budapest by locals

Don’t forget to book your hotel in Budapest through:

The reason that I am emphasizing for you to do your hotel bookings through is because is offering a special Easter discount of 15% for all bookings made from 5th March – 8th April 2018 for travel dates between 23rd March – 8th April 2018!

The Resurrection of our Lord. Picture courtesy:

Happy Easter everyone!
As you celebrate Easter may you remember the Risen Christ’s perfect love for all mankind,
and may that love fill you with hope for the days to come.

Until then, keep travelling and keep sharing your stories here!

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