Travel season: Plan your travel now and book!

Plan your travel now! It’s that time of the year again! Its the travel season, have you decided where you want to go yet? 

The internet technology has truly solved a lot of problems. There are now so many search engines out there, which on a click of a button can provide you with loads of answers. Apart from that, here’s 5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Travel:

1. Choose a destination:

Have  you decided to go on a vacation but not decided on a place as yet? Plan your travel now!  The first  step is to choose your destination. Depending on whether you would like to have a beach holiday, or an adventurous one or just a quiet relaxing getaway, choose your destination.

2. Fix a travel date:

Once you have decided where you would be heading, fix up your travel dates. Plan your travel now!  Search on the internet the various places you would like to cover and visit during your travel and    accordingly allocate the number of days with a day or 2 extra thrown in for good measure.

Plan your travel now!
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3. Book your flight & apply for Visa:

The next step would be to book your flight or tickets for whatever mode of transport you would be taking. Flight or train tickets booked online in advance, help with some discounts and are easy on your purse.  Booking your flight tickets and applying for visa go hand in hand.

American citizens can enter about 160 places, either without having a visa in their US passport, where a visa on arrival is issued, or where free entry is given for a certain period. Many countries have Visa on Arrival, so travelling to such countries is not a problem, but there are many countries, which require you to have a visa, before you land on their soil.

Travel to the U.K. and the U.S.A. do not require confirmed flight tickets during visa application. This saves you the hassle of losing out on your flight ticket money, in case your visa does not get approved.  Plan your travel now! You can apply for your visa on the basis of a travel itinerary.  Once you have your ticket and visa in place, do not forget to get out a good Overseas Travel Insurance Policy!! Travel Safe. Be Insured. Safeguard yourself from any untoward incident, medical emergencies, unwarranted delays, baggage loss, passport loss etc.

5. Book your hotel:

Why wait for last minute deals? Select a good hotel as per your taste and budget and go ahead and book it in advance.  Do keep in mind that the hotels that you select are within proximity and easy transportation links to the various places of interest you would like to visit. It would be pointless, if you need to travel more than 1 hour from your hotel to get to the city center and then go visiting places of interest, which will eat into your itinerary and the time available with you to explore and enjoy the place would be limited.

So select and book a hotel taking all these points into consideration, with breakfast included in the package 🙂 A quick link to help you with your hotel bookings would be  . On you also have the added advantage of booking your rooms with a “Free Cancellation” option allowed up-to certain days before your check-in date, which can be really very convenient, in case there are any last minute changes in travel plans, or your visa is not approved.

The final step would be to pack your bags. Don’t forget to pack light with the essentials required, clothes as per the weather conditions, necessary gadgets, mobile phones, camera, chargers, international adaptors etc. Pack light, so that you can travel with ease and return home with bagful of wonderful memories.

Plan your travel now!
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See, it was very easy. Just 5 steps and you are no longer clueless and with passport in hand, bag in tow, you are ready to roll. For all I know, you will be planning your next trip while on your return flight back home!!!

Until then, keep travelling and keep sharing the stories!

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