Why do we travel? Reasons why we travel

Why do we travel?

Today,  I question myself: Why do we travel? I aspire and work towards my aim to travel to different countries.  In doing so I experience the different cultures, cuisines etc. that travel has to offer.  

 What is the main reason or reasons that drives us to travel? Is it work?  May be it is to impress others so that we can brag about it back home? Or to fulfill our dream? Another reason could be to attain knowledge and increase our knowledge about the world and all its different cultures etc.? Or is it something completely different, something that is very personal and divine to our souls?

I have done a short survey to get an idea on what are the various reasons why we travel?  What are the different types of travel? I am thankful and grateful to all of you who have participated in the same and given your valuable inputs.  I am reproducing some of the answers I received:

Why do we travel


What is your type of travel



How do you travel


What is your preferred style of travel



It is  indeed interesting to note the findings of everyone.

I have also started a new blog series on “Why do we travel” and some of my travel blogger friends have contributed their articles and will be posting them in the coming weeks.   

In case you too would like to participate and would like to contribute your articles to me, please feel free to send me an email on: travelbliss4@gmail.com and I will reply to you with the requisite details.

So until then, keep traveling and keep sharing your travel stories here!

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