The Year 2018: A Leap of Faith.

The Year 2018: A Leap of Faith: We are once more at the threshold of completing another year and embarking onto another New Year!

The year 2018 may have been a year which brought a lot of sorrow, happiness, success or joy to many people.  It would mean different things to different people. However, there is always scope for gratitude for whatever it may have brought  us. 

Here is what I am eternally grateful for:

1. 1st January 2018:

Was traveling and have ever since been traveling the whole year through (literally)!New Year 2018



2. February 2018 – June 2018:

Grateful for my job. Have worked very hard, to arrive where I did. I have total of 15 years of Corporate Work Experience as an Executive Secretary to the Managing Director!

At work!

3. June 2018:

Worked the hardest and then quit my job to follow my bliss! Grateful for me being able to gather up courage and follow my bliss.

Feeling on top of the world!

4. July 2018:

My traveling spree started (Have traveled to Italy).

Grateful for my friend – Manjiri Sarode, who was a great friend and travel companion during our Italy trip! If Manjiri had not insisted that I travel to Italy, I don’t think this trip would have been possible!

Maria with Manjiri - Milan


Cheers - To our friendship


Maria with Manjiri - Tuscany

5. August 2018:

My traveling spree continues. Have traveled to United Kingdom. Grateful to my friend and travel buddy – Yogita Mestry for joining me in my madness 🙂 This trip to UK and USA would not have been possible without Yogita for sure.

Maria & Yogita at Greenwich


Cheers to our travels

Laughter & Sunshine

6. September – October 2018 :

Have traveled to the United States of America.Maria in the Spotlight - Times Square

7. October 2018:

Took my Travel Bliss blog  to the next level.  And now for the mega announcement:

I am now open for business. Travel Business. If you want to travel abroad from India, contact me, send me an email to:

I will plan your international travel for you. I will plan your travel as per your budget and as per your requirement. It will be a completely customized travel arrangement, designed and crafted especially for YOU. I will do all the research work and will design your trip as per your requirement especially for you.  And if you are a solo female traveler and need me to accompany you, that too can be arranged, within your budget! So do not wait..send me an email:


8. November 2018:

Just chilling, relaxing, catching up with family & friends, watching Netflix, reading a lot of books, singing, cooking and the holidays continue!

9. December 2018:

Celebrated my Birthday and Celebrated Christmas with my closest family & best friends! Grateful to my Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law and my rockstar Nephew for supporting me in my madness to travel the world!  Grateful also to all my friends, cousins and relatives, who equally support me in everything that I do, especially in following my bliss 🙂 My family and friends are the bestest of all! 


Celebrating with family & friends

10. December 2018:

Travel Bliss has completed 2 successful years and I am grateful to all my travel blogger friends who have collaborated with me throughout this year, grateful to all my friends and audience who visited my blogging website, took efforts to read my blog and liked and commented and shared it.  Thank you everyone, I wouldn’t have survived in this travel blogging world, if it weren’t for all of your help and support. 

I am also grateful and thankful to Matthew Kepnes or “Nomadic Matt” as he is popularly known as. Matt is an American travel expert, New York Times bestselling author, and blogger. He is my role model and I draw inspiration from him to traveling the world in a cheap and affordable manner and I learnt and am still learning my travel blogging skills from his course: 

The Business of Blogging Course


The year 2018  is the year I took a huge leap of faith! I quit my job to travel. I told myself that I deserve this much needed break of 6 months from work all to myself. I had been saving up for this great travel..4-5 months of continuous travel! I didn’t know it was possible, but I knew that it was do-able.  I have enjoyed every bit of my travel. The feeling has not yet sunk in completely! And before I know it, my 6 months break is up! It’s time to do some work again, earn some money again and take off again!

My aim in life is to travel and to explore as many countries as possible in a cheap, fun and relaxed way! I am not looking for a regular job, as I do not wish to be caught up in the rat race again! I now believe in minimalist living.

When I was abroad traveling and staying in all these Airbnbs, I had carried 1 big checked in bag with clothes which I could wash and wear and also few party dresses. But I realized, even with this one bag, it was too much..I didn’t need 2 jackets, those extra T-shirts and dresses. I was content with wearing the same  Jeans and alternating between 2-3 different tops/t-shirts. I realized next time; I am going to carry half of this bag!

It was so liberating. Not having to dress up properly before stepping out.  I remember my friend had lost her pair of earrings right at the beginning of our trip. But, it was no big deal! We didn’t wear heels, no fancy clothes, no fancy jewelry at all. Stepped out with just a lip-gloss and we were good to go. Imagine the time and energy and money we saved! I know you must be wondering why am I placing so much of emphasis on all this stuff? Believe me; initially it did matter to me, but now,  traveling has made me realize that all these are secondary. The primary focus is to enjoy and be in the moment. Cherish each and every moment of our travel experiences. Made a couple of friends during my travels. I can never forget some of the lessons I learnt during my travels! Checkout this link at Vanda’s : The Yogi Wanderer: 5 Things Travel Taught Me About Myself : Maria Lewis

So here’s wishing everyone a great New Year 2019. May this year bring all that you desire and may it bring for me more travels, more travels and more travels.

Till then,

Keep traveling and keep sharing your stories here.

And don’t forget, if you have an International Trip to plan from India, please contact me at:


Your TravelMate




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  1. Mankini sarode. says: Reply

    O Maria, best of luck for ur future.l m sure that I will co operated to u and I will tell my all the friends. We can decide for the midnight sun all together privious friends. My all the wishes r with u.this idea is workout defenatly.

    1. Thank you Manjiri. That’s really very kind and sweet of you

  2. Dipti Vyas Mahajan says: Reply

    Happy new year friend. I wish you to get chance to explore all the countries and may u have a blissful life. I did not liked your blog but I loved it. I m in love with your writing style. And very congratulations to you for your business. I wish someday i give a call to you for my customize travel plan. Love you Maria. Have a great year ahead.

    1. Thank you Dipti…that is really very kind of you! I look forward to the day when we can plan your travel together 🙂 Wish you a very Happy New Year 2019!

  3. Lucky girl… There’s no greater fun than to follow your bliss..

    1. Thanks Danny!

  4. Great..I am just speechless..U r so courageous..wish u all the best..would love to take ur Travel advice for my next Tour to abroad.

    1. Thanks a ton Jyoti! It really means a lot to me.. I look forward to our next travel together and when we can plan your trip together! Though, you don’t need my travel advice, you are a pro yourself! I have yet to interview you for your solo 28 day trip to Italy! Talk to you soon!

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