Interview Series: Part IV – Pamela D’Silva – Cake Walk

Travel Bliss Interview Series:

As part of my Interview Series wherein each month I feature two interviews with people from around the world – who may be a home-maker, a traveler, a blogger, or a biker or a painter or a potter or an entrepreneur or a writer or just about anyone who have chosen to follow their bliss against all odds, let me introduce you  to Pamela D’Silva, who runs her very own business called: Cake Walk.

Pamela brings to us a variety of cakes and bakes for your special occasions through Cake Walk

1.Tell us about yourself.

Well to start with I’m a banker turned baker, having worked for over 14 yrs. Now a homemaker and mother of 2 beautiful girls.

2.Apart from leading your regular, successful life, you are also following your passion. Tell us a bit about your venture: Cake Walk.  How did it come about?

When you have 2 kids who are forever hungry, you got to fill their stomachs and they won’t be happy with just anything. So then started my love for baking, trying out new bakes and this turned into my passion.


Me with my kids

3. How many years have Cake Walk  completed and what are your offerings?

Cake Walk came into existence in 2015. It’s been a wonderful journey of 4 yrs.

We do a lot of cakes and bakes. Customized themed cakes, brownies, cake pops, ice creams, granola, themed cookies, breads, puffs, Christmas goodies, party hampers and so on….  Using the best ingredients, no compromises on it. .

Each creation is a piece of art. People have mentioned how heartbreaking it is to cut up and eat the art creation, almost a dilemma.

Calk Walk

Cake Walk1

Cake Walk2

Cake Walk3

Cake Walk4

4. Did you face any challenges / difficulties during this incredible journey?

My initial bakes were a total disaster and my husband can vouch for it. He being the official taste-maker and critic. But I never gave up. Nor did my husband ever complained; he ate what was served and always complimented my bakes with like: ” It’s wonderful, just the cream can be better”. Well now he tells everyone that the buttercream I used to make then was a complete disaster.

Cake Walk5

I kept surfing the net, going through you tube channels trying to figure out what went wrong and how to perfect it. All my creations that you see on my page are all self-taught. My children have been very supportive and love my bakes. Also thanks to my wonderful family and friends for being ever so supportive.

The most challenging part is the packing and dispatching which is most stressful..Specially for gravity defying creations….but with my husband around there is always a way out.

5. Any one lesson learnt or moment you will not forget?

Never give up. You will face a lot of challenges during your journey that’s a part of life. As my husband always says enjoy the moment 🙂 things will fall in place.

6. What are your other passions other than baking or running your own business?

With 2 young girls I have my hands full  as they keep me on my toes, but I do take time out and look after my lovey kitchen garden where I’ve grown tomatoes, mint, Curry leaves and also mini watermelons. I was an athlete in my younger days, won a lot of medals, awarded the best NCC cadet, played lawn tennis etc.


7. How do you manage to be this Wonder Woman? Juggling between your individual work, family, social life and pursuing your passions?

Hahaha!! I’m not a wonder woman. I wouldn’t have been where I am today without the support of my husband and family. They have the job of taking care of kids and entertaining them whenever I’m working on an order. So it’s a combined effort that makes me a wonder woman.

My family

8. Any words of wisdom / advice to all the women / men/ people out there?

My only advice is to follow your passion, don’t give up. I believe anything is possible, take risks and be focused in anything you do. Make the impossible possible with hard work and dedication.

Cake Walk6

9.What are the future plans / scope of expansion etc. that you have for your business?

I plan to start my own website, my own blog share my experiences with everyone and most importantly share food.

10. Finally, what is your Bliss? Are you following your Bliss?

Yes baking is bliss for me. Baking that perfect cake is bliss, seeing my clients happy is bliss, the  joy when the birthday boy/ girl sees their themed birthday cakes is bliss or just seeing that freshly baked bread coming out of the oven and my kids fighting for that first bite is bliss!

Thanks Pamela, I wish you all the very best in everything that you do and sincerely hope that you continue to follow your bliss.

Stay tuned for this space, as I come out with another smashing interview very soon 

Till then, keep traveling and keep sharing your stories of inspiration here.

Your TravelMate

Travel Bliss - Interview Series - Pamela D'Silva - Cake Walk

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  1. Lovely cakes. Especially the dog one…

  2. VALERIE GRACIOUS says: Reply

    Wow lovely Pam. Your bakes just look amazing and yummy. All the best, dear.

  3. Thanks for featuring me on your blog Maria

    1. travelbliss says: Reply

      The pleasure is all mine Pam 🙂

  4. Awesome!! Way to go Pam and Maria .. wish you both all the very best!

    1. travelbliss says: Reply

      Thanks Jenny 🙂

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