Interview Series: Part XI – Felicity Frankish – The Baby Vine.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine.

As part of my Interview Series wherein each month I feature two interviews with people from around the world – who may be a home-maker, a traveler, a blogger, or a biker or a painter or a potter or an entrepreneur or a writer or just about anyone who have chosen to follow their bliss against all odds. In today’s interview, let me introduce you to Felicity Frankish, who runs her very own The Baby Vine . The Baby Vine  is an educational parenting community that puts the focus back on the everyday parent by supporting them in every aspect of their lives. It has been created to provide quality, informative, inspirational content to a community of parents that will help them connect on their journey through the early years.

Felicity is a mother of two lovely daughters and a baby boy;  and she also free-lances from home as a writer and a marketer.

Wow Felicity! This is incredible! Let’s dive right into your interview.

1.Tell us about yourself.

I love kids! I have always loved babies and was so eager to start a family of my own. Three kids later (our youngest is only two months old) and I am well and truly done – heart and hands full! It was my love of kids that led me over to London where I nannied for two years at the age of 21, then brought me back to Australia where I worked for a parenting magazine before going on maternity leave with my first daughter and setting up The Baby Vine. I met my now-husband online (before it was a big thing). I joined RSVP and a week later we were chatting and the rest, as they say, is history.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine.

2.Apart from leading your regular, successful life, parenting, being a freelance writer and marketer, you also run Baby Vine. How did you conceive this idea of Baby Vine? What was the thought process behind it?

My two passions in life have always been writing and kids, which led me to working at a parenting magazine as an editor. When I went on maternity leave for my first daughter, I had this itch to be doing something. I wanted set up an online community for parents, sharing educational and informative articles that they could benefit them. I was finding there was far too much celeb gossip and click bait going on with the big parenting sites and I wanted to bring back the information and advice parents were searching for and put the focus back on them and their journey.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine.

3. How many years have Baby Vine completed and what are your offerings?

I started in January in 2016, so three and a half years ago now! (My eldest daughter turns four in September). We aim to stand out by providing informative articles that parents can gain from. Whether it’s sharing someone else’s story or interviewing an expert in their field on a particular topic, our goal is to educate and inspire and build an online community of help and advice.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine

4. Did you face any challenges / difficulties during this incredible journey?

All the challenges I faced taught me so much. Mostly it has been working out social media, SEO and marketing, and I have done numerous courses on all three in the process and it has even led to a career change for me – away from editing and into the marketing field, which has been exciting. All while running The Baby Vine of course!

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine

5. Amazing! Any one life lesson learnt or moment you will not forget?

The moment I hit 1000 likes on Facebook. That was 1000 people following a page I had set up from scratch, and it happened three months after we launched. I had friends and family messaging me and congratulating me and it was amazing. It was the moment I knew: this page has something and is going somewhere.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine

6. What are your other passions?

I’m not sure I have time for passions with three kids! I love reading and always have, so always make time each night before bed to read. I may only make it through one page, but it’s important to me, so I make time for it.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine

7. Ha!Ha! True. How do you manage to be this Wonder Woman? Juggling between your individual work, family, social life and pursuing your passions?

It’s all about balance for me. I love running The Baby Vine, but my family always comes first, which means I outsource as many tasks as I can along the way. When the kids are home with me, they are my focus, which means I can pull out my laptop during nap-times or when they are in bed. Throw in an office job and life truly can be chaotic, but it’s fun, and I love being busy and wouldn’t have it any other way. Right now I am on maternity leave with my third bub and no immediate plans to go back to work (other than Baby Vine, of course).

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine

8. Any words of wisdom / advice to all the women / men/ people out there?

Find your balance and what makes you happy. The Baby Vine was born out of passion and I just love watching it grow. Parenting is an amazing journey, but it’s important not to lose yourself on the way. Find something you love and make time for it. It’s important to put yourself first sometimes.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine

9. What are the future plans / scope of expansion etc. that you have for The Baby Vine ?

So many plans, the biggest thing I need to do is prioritize.  At the moment I am wanting to boost the amount of articles posted, to offer more to parents and provide more content they are searching for. I am also building a Facebook group as a place to bring out the community side and support other parents.

Travel Bliss Interview Series: The Baby Vine

10. A Facebook group would surely help and support a lot of parents. What is your Bliss? Are you following your Bliss?

Helping people. Whether it is helping a new mum find her feet, offering advice when asked for it, or helping someone starting out a new business with any tips or lessons I have learned. I love connecting with people and helping them anyway I can – and yes, I try and follow this every day.

Awesome! Thank you Felicity for doing this interview with me! Your journey so far and all that you are doing is truly an inspiration for me and all those reading this blog.

I wish you all the very best in everything that you do and sincerely hope that  The Baby Vine grows in leaps and bounds and that you continue in doing what you do with so much of love and affection – helping people, providing great parental advice and a community to support new parents and helping new Moms find their feet!

Stay tuned for this space, as I come out with another smashing interview very soon.

Till then, keep traveling and keep sharing your stories of inspiration here.

Your TravelMate

Travel Bliss Interview Series - Felicity Frankish - The Baby Vine.

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