My Random Thoughts on Life and Travel

My Random Thoughts on Life and Travel:

So I have been thinking 🙂 Yes, I do think and I thought, it would be nice for a change to share my thoughts on what I was thinking with all of you, what do you think? So these are a few of my random thoughts on life and travel.

I was thinking how the two seem to be synonymous with each other.  I have read quotes on how life is a journey not a destination – Aerosmith;  and few more quotes like the following:

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye.

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.” – Oscar Wilde.

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.” – Unknown.

How about, we take Life and Travel as two entities, running parallel with each other?

1.Life and Travel: A long or short unknown and endless journey:

Life: Once we are born, it’s like stepping into the unknown. We don’t know whether we will live a short life or a long life. Life is an unknown and endless journey. If we knew everything about our life in advance, how it would map out, exactly how it would look and how many years we would live etc; then most often, we wouldn’t be ready or willing to take the risks and step out into the unknown and live a life of purpose or a life with an aim to reaching certain goals. 

Travel: So also with travel, there has to be a purpose as to why we travel.  Checkout my earlier post on: Why do we travel? Many people travel for different reasons, have a different purpose. There has to be a goal where we want to reach, a destination an end point. However, travel is like life, stepping into the unknown.

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Life and Travel

2. Life and Travel: Beyond our control:

Life: We have our goals and purposes in life, and we aim at working towards that goal, but sometimes things get out of control. We do not know what will happen the next moment in our life. We don’t know whether we will return home from work alive or not! This is life, unpredictable, things happen, which we have no control over.

Travel: So also with travel, we travel with a goal to reaching a certain destination. Along the way, something may happen, which may completely through things off-gear and out of our control.  One of the things we do when we travel (Internationally) is remove an International Travel Insurance Policy. It cannot completely mitigate the risks of travel, but it can surely offer great relief in the form of monetary compensation. We cannot plan for every contingency; it would be foolishness on our part if we even think we can do that.

3. Life and Travel: Detours and back on track:

Life: Many times we plan something, but things don’t go as planned. Life seems to take us on a different path from the one we have chosen for ourselves. At that time, we need to stop and think and reflect, re-evaluate and re-prioritize our plans and take a detour and get right back on track in order to reach our goal or attain our purpose in life.

Travel: So also with travel. With travel it becomes easier. Not as scary as compared to life’s detours.

A quote that comes to my mind is: “Sometimes, it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”

—– by Mandy Hale.

The above quote is so true for both life and travel.

Life and Travel

4.Life and Travel: Being Lost & Found:

Life: In this journey of traveling through life, many times, we get lost. We miss our calling, our purpose. We seem to have missed reaching our destiny, because of certain mistakes we may have made along the way. But all is not lost yet, there is still hope, to find ourselves, this time it will be a newer self, which we lead us back on track to fulfilling our purpose in life. We keep getting lost and found. We keep finding ourselves, re-discovering ourselves.

Travel: So also with travel. Sometimes, we will get lost. But I always love this part in travel (not life). Getting lost is exciting, scary, adventurous all rolled in one. It’s in getting lost, that we find a new path, a new route that will take us to our destination, only thing, this new path is much more glorious, much more beautiful to feast our eyes on along the way, than the earlier old path.

Life and Travel
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5.Complete Dependence and Trust in God:

Life: Finally, this journey of life that we are undertaking, I like to think it as something similar to what Steve Maraboli said:

“You are not on a journey to God; you are on a journey with God”.

I don’t know what is Steve’s explanation for the above quote, but I would like to think of it as, we have this journey of life, which is with a purpose and while we are on this journey, we are not alone. God is with us all throughout, guiding us, leading us, helping us, making the right detours where required etc; so as to lead us to our destiny, our purpose. However, this journey, involves placing our trust and depending on God.  We will fall, we will get up again to continue our journey of life, but it all requires a trust, knowing, that no matter what life throws at us, God will always be there for us, to get us through it all.

Travel: So also with travel.  Travel involves putting a lot of trust in God. There will be instances of getting lost, being mugged, missing connecting flights, meeting with accidents, facing various kinds of mishaps etc. It is in such instances when things go wrong, that we need to keep our hope and trust in God, knowing that we will find help in a fellow-traveler, a kind way-stander, an unexpected help from a complete stranger :-).

I’d like to share a quote I came across recently, which kind of got me thinking and kind of sums up what I am trying to articulate above.  I don’t know who wrote it or the source of this, but will take the liberty of posting it here:

Life and Travel

So, relax and enjoy this journey called Life 🙂  My favourite quote growing up was:

“Life is like an ice-cream, enjoy it with a smile, before it melts away”!

Life and Travel

Till then, keep travelling and keep sharing your stories of triumph and inspiration here.

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  1. Oo! Wov!! Maria very nice! After this ur sickness god has given u new gift. Travelling in life with god! So nice of u .with this blog i get new inspiration do write like this .and ur last para about pilot and captain very nice choose like this sentence also got talent.hats of u.u gave me a new path not to think in future god is with us he will definitely give us path.

    1. Hahaha!! Thank you Manjiri, I am glad you liked my post and that it has in some way inspired you. Be inspired and be a source of inspiration to others!

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