Recommended Travel Website/Blog Links

As a Travel Blogger, would like to draw your attention to other Travel Blogging websites, which brings to the table something for everyone. We can't be an expert in everything, but we can definitely share our knowledge, our expertise and our experience, to help you with all your travel related queries.

Please do click on the following website links, which are websites/blogs which are owned by Travelers, who are an expert in their own right and provide immense insight and knowledge by their own personal travel experiences:

 1. Hawaiian Brian

Brian believes that life is a vacation and that we should spend as much time as possible doing what we enjoy. Brian created Hawaiian Brian  not only to share his travel experiences with others, but also to learn from others. In Brian’s own words: “With your help I hope this blog can become an invaluable travel resource to help you plan your next freaking awesome vacation!”

2. The Globetrotter Cookbook

Inspired by international friendships and trips around Europe during her university year abroad in Lyon, Alex decided to create The Globetrotter Cookbook, a collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes to share with other travelers. In Alex’s own words: “On The Globetrotter Cookbook you can find vegetarian recipes from around the world as well as travel tips and tales”.  So don’t forget to: Seek.Share.Savour.

3. Old School Traveller

Roger Clarke is the founder of Old School Traveller  , a Photographer, a Foodie, a Wine Lover, and an advocate of making life as simple as possible and making travel the best it can be.  In Roger’s own words:

“Sculpting the trip around your personality, your sense of humour, and most importantly, your heart, is paramount if you are to totally fulfil your holiday dreams and aspirations”.

Through his website Old School Traveller  Roger and Katiuska offer to you: A Users Guide To Romantic and Trouble Free Travel.

4. Explore the Map

Sam Cullen is a young Canadian girl living in the Okanagan. Visit her website: Explore the Map  which is focused on the many hikes in the Okanagan, as well as hikes/outdoor experiences from road trips (currently the west coast/interior of Canada and the USA). She provides advice on hikes and road trips – from what to expect on each hike to tips to make the hike/road trip better.

In Sam’s own words: “I can’t imagine anything better than seeing the world – one town, one kilometer at a time. And I can’t imagine anything worse than working ’til I’m 65. I want to see the world, to experience everything that it has to offer while I’m young and able to take on anything; I’m not going to waste away my life at a desk”.

5. Wenabroad

Wendy Timmermans is a Dutch girl, living the Expat life in Switzerland, exploring European Countries from there. Through her blog: Wenabroad  Wendy wants to help people decide upon the best options for short holidays, weekend getaways and cool destinations if you seek to recharge yourself with excellent food, art, active/outdoor life and a bit of luxury. Wendy’s blog is a treasure trove for Expat travelers.

6. Travel Sprogs

Naomi’s Travel Sprogs is all about travel tips and adventures for families. In Naomi’s own words: “Join me for tips on family travelling, random adventures and a few laughs”.

7. The TRVL Blog

The TRVL Blog  owned and created by Nathan, is on an indefinite trip around the world. In Nathan’s own words: “traveling doesn’t have to be expensive”. Follow Nathan and his blog, as he shows you how you can travel for cheaper & smarter too.

8. Wet Nose Escapades

Wet Nose Escapades is a health travel blog designed especially for dog lovers who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling constantly. It’s a travel blog with a difference, in a fun lighthearted way with an adorable yorkie’s narration, where 4-year-old yorkshire terrier: Roger Wellington a.k.a The Doob is the Wet Nose Escapades

 9. Bergn Street

Bergn Street by Rachel Bergn is all about ExploringExperiencing, and Evolving. In Rachel’s own words, it’s about:

Exploring the world out your front door, in your backyard, and way, way beyond.

Experiencing adventure, culture, and the highs/lows that make life an amazing roller coaster.

Evolving through the experiences and explorations to becoming the very best version of yourself.

10. The Heart of Travel

The Heart of Travel is a boutique travel company that allows clients to explore new places in an authentic and non-touristy way, turning a vacation into an unforgettable adventure. It was founded by Chelsea Glass out of a deep rooted love of travel and firm belief in the transformative power of travel and how we harness that to make the world a happier, healthier, safer and more beautiful place.

11. Hackerette

Hackerette is owned by Kamelia, a San Diego based lifestyle & travel blogger who balances work as a nurse with traveling the world and soaking up life’s amazing experiences. Follow her, as she helps others create their own Bucket List Lifestyle. 

12. The Traveling Traveler

The Traveling Traveler is owned by Julia, who is a Speech-Language Pathologist, who has a passion for travel, which turned into a career as a traveling healthcare professional. In Julia’s own words:

“Whether you are looking to travel for a profession or for fun I hope this blog can offer you resources for your journey.”

So follow her, as she offers resources to help you on your journey.

13. Midlife Magic

Midlife Magic is owned by Katherine (Kat).  Kat is a middle-aged woman who only after stepping out of her comfort zone and fears, turned her love of vacation into a passion for adventure travel. In Kat’s own words: “This new freedom and authenticity has lead to experiencing travel in a whole new way. As a result, I am now exploring the world as a traveler, rather than a tourist and inspiring everyone I can to do the same!” Follow Kat’s travel memoirs, as she creates Midlife Magic!

14. Where's Jason?

Where's Jason? is owned by Jason Gotuato, whose’s quest is to conquer the world and to bring out the adventurer  in you! In Jason’s own words: “I believe traveling starts with a positive mindset. The first step is to believe that you can make it happen. The next step is to make sure that it will happen. You don’t need to rush into it. Just as long as you have a dream, continue to do something to reach it. If Jason can do it, then so can you”

15. Romantic Travel Report

Romantic Travel Report owned and created by Gary and Leslie, believe that seeing new destinations, experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, and escaping the drudgery and routine, will help keep the spark alive and strong in any relationship.

In their own words: “We are determined to make travel and romance top priorities in our relationship and hope that this blog will inspire you to plan many romantic trips with that special person in your life.”

16. Only Once Today

Only Once Today is a travel blog owned and created by Lobke and Inge a regular gay couple. They have an urge to explore new land and discover the gems of the world. Follow their blog, where can read stories about their past travels and tips and tricks they learned on the road. In their own words: “We're hoping to help many other dreamers who crave the relaxed and exploring lifestyle”.

17. is owned by Aaron Teoh, who is a full time desk worker and a full time dreamer!

Follow Aaron, as in his own words “I hope to be able to inspire you to live out your dreams by taking that big step into the unknown, towards all that feels unreal (be in  travelling or other pursuits), to make your life as real as it can be”

18. Travelbff

Travelbff  is a community of female travelers that believes that every woman should experience the world for herself, explore different cultures and discover the real her.

In their own words "We are a community of women born out of a simple idea – What if you’re not the only one that gets home after a trip and is ready to leave again?  We all love to travel and sometimes there is no one available for a quick or long get-away. No one available to ask for the most social hostel, best Instagram-worthy locations or simply exchange travel stories with, that’s when a #Travelbff is needed! "

Come and join Travelbff, which is a community of female travelers from women for women. Real Women. Real Travel. Real You!