Travel Stories

During my travels, have met many people, while some were very nice,  some very helpful, there were others who were not so friendly and accommodating 😉 . Here, I am going to share with you few incidents, which really touched my heart and always brings a smile on my face.


It was during one of my trips to Dublin. I had pre-booked a Day Tour to The Wicklow Mountains & Glendalough and made it a point to arrive 30 minutes before time at the scheduled pickup point to board the bus.


London the Capital of England and the United Kingdom is a city on every traveler's wish list.  It was on mine and I just cannot believe it that I have already visited London thrice within 4 years!!!!!!!  The vibrancy of the city simply amazes me. 


When visiting The Netherlands, a visit to Madurodam is a place not to be missed. It is a man-made Park of miniatures, which are 25 times smaller and objects which are 25 times bigger than their real life counterparts and depicts the stories of the Dutch life.


Switzerland, I had only seen it in Bollywood movies (specifically by Yash Chopra). I never knew that there could be a country so very beautiful, with such picturesque landscape all around.


Paris…the City of Love!!! Come to Paris and fall in love..fall in love with its people, fall in love with it’s fashion, visit the best Patisseries of the world in Paris and fall in love with its pasteries, and most of all, while you are out there, admiring its culture, its architectural wonder, you will have a chance to fall in love all over with yourself.