Travel Tips

Cheap Flights

When I started off on my travel, at first I thought that I would book a flight with a well known Airline carrier. However, when I started to check on various flights, I realized that there were many other flights, run by Airlines which were equally renowned in the Aero space and which were offering it at a rate, almost 3 times cheaper than what I was referring to.
So, please, make a well informed research when selecting your flights, select a flight which is cheap, at the same time, one that does not compromise on Travel safety!!!!! We want to board a flight, which lands on ground in one piece!!! There are many airlines out there, who are offering cheap fares, with good baggage allowance. Money saved on your flight tickets, can be used to spurge on food and shopping while abroad. There is no point in paying Rs. 65,000/- for a round trip ticket, when the same can be bought for as cheap as Rs. 50,000/- . The saving of Rs. 15,000/- could buy you 2 or more internal flights tickets and give you the luxury of travelling by air than any other mode of transport within that country.

Safe accommodation for Solo Women Travelers

I always urge my women friends, to travel solo atleast once in their lifetime. It will lead you to a path of Self-Discovery and much more. At the same time, I also would like to stress, that keeping one self safe and staying safe is our own responsibility. When travelling to different countries abroad, the choice of our accommodation plays a very important role. There are various types of accommodation to choose from, hotels, B&Bs, youth hostels, guesthouses, castles, self-service apartments etc.  On my first solo trip abroad, I personally chose to stay in a Youth Hostel…it was literally a home away from home for me. The primary criterion for the selection of a Youth hostel was Safety.  Once, we are confident that we can handle ourselves in case any sticky situation should arise, only then, we should venture out and try out other options. Till then, youth hostels, good hotels located in a good area could be your starters and then you could graduate to staying in the B&Bs and guesthouses after doing a thorough research about its owners, reading other solo travelers reviews etc.  Most B&Bs are very well maintained, dainty little cottages, with lovely rooms, lovely breakfast and in a picturesque location and a definite must try, in order to experience the local culture and cuisine and are painstakingly run by couples or families, who take great effort in making your stay a memorable one. The B&Bs are the true essence of knowing a place.